Protein Complexes

FFE Separations of protein complexes and membrane proteins

Separation of protein complexes of the Thylakoid membrane (Aradidopsis thaliana)

1. iZE Native Separation of Membrane Complexes

Proteincomplex 001a

Protein Complexes from the Thylakoid membrane of Arabidopsis thaliana were separated by iZE at 1600V for 4.5 Minutes.

The fractions were subsequently separated by Blue Native PAGE (BN), revealing intact separated protein complexes.

M = marker proteins

S = crude sample

# = (pooled) fractions of the FFE iZE separation

2. The importance and influence of the optimum detergent

On a second approach, the influence of different detergents was evaluated on the same extract of Thylkoid membranes of Arabidpsis thaliana. Here the detergents Digitonin, Dodecylmaltosid (DDM), and Lithiumdodecylsulfat were added to the sample and to the separation buffers.

Subsequently the separated samples were analyzed by Blue Native PAGE (BN).

Proteincomplex 002





M=marker proteins

S= crude sample

#=FFE Fractions

The results show varying protein (complex) patterns on the BN-PAGE analysis. The different detergents solubilize different protein complexes. The corresponding mass spectrometry data will be published soon.

All shown separations are on file at FFE Service by SERVA. The separations published in this section were conducted in collaboration with Prof. Lutz Eichacker, University of Stavanger.