Separation of Liposomes

ZE Separation of a Nanoemulsion-Liposome-Mix due to Density and Size

The goal is to separate functional (filled) Liposomes from empty ones. Classical continuous zone electrophoresis was used for this task.

Particles with high density sediment into a low velocity flow thread. Thus the are exposed to the electric field longer time and hence deflected a larger distance than particles with a density of the surrounding media.

Liposomes (∅ 230nm) are filled with buffer, NE droplets are filled with perfluorooctyl bromide (ρ = 1.93 g/mL)

ZE Mode: continous:
Settings: 600 V
Transit time: 1-3 min

Liposomes 02







Empty liposomes were found at the cathodic side, filled liposomes were separated and the size distribution could be analyzed.