Spare parts


Nextgen-022 PI-Mix 2mL pI-marker (pI  4.0; 4.8, 5.3; 6.4; 7.5; 8.5; 10.1)
Nextgen-024 SPADNS 25mL SPADNS solution, ready to use.
Nextgen-011  Filter paper 0.3mm 12 x Electrode filter paper for IEF mode (0.2 mm gap)
Nextgen-008 Membrane strips 12 x Electrode membranes
Nextgen-007 Electrode gasket kit 2 x silicone gasket for the electrodes
Nextgen-005/006 Ring gasket kit 1 inner and 1 outer ring gasket for the separation chamber
Media pump tubing kit 9 x tygon tubes i.d. for media 3 x tygon tubes for counterflow, i.d. at choice
Nextgen-054 Sample pump tubing kit 1 sample pump tube for IEF and 1 sample pump tube for ZE
Nextgen-056 Sample inlet assembly Complete sample inlet with connectors
All other spare parts are in stock, please inquire our contact.